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Best Visa Credit Cards of 2018

The Office for Consumer Protection was created to protect the financial markets from illegal and inappropriate practices. After the inauguration of the president in 2011, he has taken legal action against the credit card issuers for unfair marketing practices. Many large credit card issuers must return millions of dollars to cardholders for misleading marketing of additional products such as credit monitoring and payment security services.

2015 - Citibank

In July 2015, Citibank was asked to return 8.8 million cardholders in the misappropriated marketing, as well as fast payment fees, inaccurate collection methods related to $ 700 million dollars, inappropriate billing and inappropriate billing and credit card services.

In a press release, CFPB is reporting a cheating marketing products to a subsidiary with a city and a 30-day free trial version, in which credit monitoring services have not been properly disclosed. Nominated cardholders were nominated without explicit permission, and failed to warn the cardholders if they were not authorized to use the services.

Cardholders in the city are also required to return, who have paid the payment fees carefully, because the cardholders charged the charge without using their intended purpose and the fees were not paid.

Citibanks all cardholders should pay the affected compensation (the cardholder should receive no compensation), all the unfair settlements and illegal methods exclude the amount of $ 35 CFPB and the rules for controlling the currency amount are entered in the office. 35 US Dollar Fine

2014 - USA Bank, GE Capital and Bank of America

In September 2014, the US The bank called for the repatriation of US $ 48 million to consumers suffering from illegal billing transactions related to credit card and other banking products.

Credit card holders were billed for credit monitoring products before they were written by the bill. According to the CFPB Credit Monitoring Services, full or not many years have been made in some cases, and cardholders who were not fully involved in paying for these services. In some cases, fees for services exceed the cardholder's credit limit or receive inappropriate interest.

According to CNN Money, the US No direct credit monitoring services have been offered, but interested customers have been sent to third party repute. The bank ended her relationship with Afinian two years ago.

US CPPB: The bank should inhibit unfair billing practices and 420,000 registered credit monitoring candidates require a $ 48 million refund. To pay for the US Bank Controller's Office, the Civil Penalty Fund of the CFPB and a penalty of $ 4 million for a penalty of $ 4 million.

Current US Bank customers receive credit notes in their accounts and customers receive check by mail.

In June 2014, CFPB GE Capital Retail Bank ordered consumers to pay 225 million US dollars for discriminatory credit card transaction marketing and misleading allocation for difficult loans for their misuse of extra-products criminal accounts.

In the marketing of its credit deletion add-on products, GE Capital advises consumers on the pricing, eligibility and timing of registration. GE Capital will pay $ 56 million to customers affected by this practice.

In addition, GE Capital customers suggest that they do not succeed in taking the loan cancellation services in Puerto Rico, who speak addresses in Spanish. This practice has violated the Equal Credit Opportunities Act, which prevents customers from discriminating discrimination because of their national origin. GE Capital will pay $ 169 million to victims of this discrimination.

CFPB GE Capital, which is currently required to pay 3.5 million dollars fine after replacing its name in the synchronized bank.

In April 2014, Bank of America had been ordered to recapture customers misleading marketing and payment of Kartensicherheits- and credit monitoring services to victims of unfair billing practices were $ 727 million.

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